Canada Soccer investing $1.2M in grassroots funding through the Community Sport for All initiative

Canada Soccer has announced an investment of $1,267,860 in programming to provide more Canadians with opportunities to experience the transformative power of sport. Canada Soccer’s new programming has been made possible through the Government of Canada’s Community Sport for All initiative with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Physical Activity. ​ 

“We are focused on delivering tangible programs that support future generations of players through the transformative power of soccer across Canada. We want to thank the federal government for helping us build on programs that support our youth, coaches, referees, and emerging leaders so they can be positively impacted and grow within the sport they love.” ​

- Charmaine Crooks, Canada Soccer President.

In part, today’s announcement will support the development of two new initiatives: Canada Soccer in Schools and Inclusion and Canada Soccer’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Learning. 

Already launched earlier this year, Canada Soccer grants for the Free Kicks - Try It Events (application deadline this 14 February) will help reduce barriers for all new-to-Canada participants while also promoting inclusion in organized, club-hosted events. 

Canada Soccer in Schools 

Canada Soccer will provide schools with enhanced tools and education to deliver an outstanding in-school soccer experience for all. The project aims to reach a wider audience through the public school system, providing opportunities for all to participate in soccer. Canada Soccer will work with community clubs from Saskatchewan and Ontario on the first phase of this project. Soccer in Schools grants will be available starting 1 March 2024. ​ 

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Learning 

Canada Soccer has developed a comprehensive training initiative to foster an inclusive and equitable environment within the Canadian soccer landscape. This project aims to create a positive and respectful soccer community that embraces diversity by addressing implicit biases, breaking down barriers, and encouraging cultural understanding. Training topics include Cultural Awareness, LGBTQ+ Inclusion, New to Canada, Anti-Racism and Adapted Soccer. 

As part of the IDEA synchronous and asynchronous training opportunities, Canada Soccer hosted a LGBTQ+ Inclusion and New to Canada conference in December 2023, open to participants across the country. In March 2024, the second IDEA Day will take place, focusing on Women and Girls. ​ 

Upcoming IDEA training days will include one asynchronous training and four eLearning modules that will provide community club leaders with resources and tools to implement IDEA programs. ​ 

“Our organization is creating a soccer community that is accessible, diverse, and inclusive. Through this funding, Canada Soccer is empowering individuals from all walks of life to participate, excel and lead – removing barriers and enhancing development for leaders to grow participation in the game.” ​

- Sara McConaghy, Director Community & Fund Development at Canada Soccer. 

Sara McConaghy

Director Community & Fund Development | Directrice de la Communauté et du développement des fonds, Canada Soccer

Paulo Senra

Chief Communications & Content Officer | Chef des communications et du contenu, Canada Soccer

Philomène Sully-Bitsi

Communications Coordinator | Coordinatrice des communications, Canada Soccer

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